Friday, June 5, 2015

the good, the bad, the ugly...

Hi Lolly friends!

It’s been one month since I had my chemo embolization... or as a medical dictionary would say… a major ass whooping.  In anticipation of losing my hair, I ordered a few cute hats online… better to be prepared. 
Unfortunately… I totally looked like Justin Bieber (just not as pretty. lol). 
The good news… the doctor said that I probably won’t lose my hair. And I’ve already passed the crucial 2-3 week post chemo hair loss period. AWE-some!

For all you non medical people out there, chemo embolization entails the Interventional Radiologist , the great Dr Sudheendra in my case, entering the femoral artery,  going directly into the liver, and locating the blood vessels that are feeding the tumor.  They inject the chemo directly into the tumor and then cauterize/ burn those vessels to cut off the tumor’s blood supply.  
They brought out the big chemo guns for me: cisplatin and mitomycin. 
BANG, BANG... you're dead, cancer! Or so we thought :o(

The bad news... I had my one month follow-up MRI yesterday and the bloody stubborn tumor is still there. 

So now… it’s going to get ugly, we are going to burn that mo fo. “The Roof, the roof, the roof is on fire…” My microwave ablation is scheduled for June 22nd Hollar!!!! Can’t wait . Please keep me in your prayers… pretty please with sugar on top :o)

lots of love…
little lisa lollipop

P.S. Owen is 15 months today, 
and he is still awesome!

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  1. You got this Lisa! Strongest woman I have EVER known!!!!
    And Owen is still the cutest little boy!!!
    You are always in my prayers! Now kick this cancers ass!!!!!