Friday, July 26, 2013

around the world in 5 months

Hi everyone!
Hope this post finds you all well. Not much exciting happening on this end... hence, no recent posting. Have just been doing normal good 'ole summer stuff when i have the energy. This past week I've also been getting ready for my trip to Guatemala. I leave maƱana! It's a medical mission trip thru my hospital that will be performing outpatient surgeries. I am so excited, and I'm happy to keep my mind off my upcoming scans on August 6th. Not sure what my cancer is planning, but I'm planning on going back to work. fingers crossed
Movie night along Schuykill River

Eakins Oval with family

Well... i've always had the travel bug, and i've always wanted to travel the world. Just didn't think it would happen this way... thru my blog. I am always amazed by the power of the internet and how many people you can reach. My favorite part of my blog is logging on to see what countries it has reached (obviously... since i'm such a dork and have been keeping track of them to write in this post :o). These are the countries that have logged on to the site in order of appearance :o), and I also highlighted my top ten readers.
Lots of love... little lisa lollipop

United Kingdom
Puerto Rico
Hong Kong
South Korea
Belgium                              Finland                                 Panama        
Serbia                                 Bolivia                                  Bahrain                        
Bangladesh                         Denmark                              Philippines
Chile                                   Bulgaria                               Cyprus
Venezuela                           Sri Lanka                             Columbia
Ukraine                               Romania                              Tunisia    
Georgia                               Croatia                                 Iceland
Slovenia                              Egypt                                   Saudi Arabia
Algeria                                Barbados                              Czech Republic
South Africa                       Thailand                               Armenia
Costa Rica                          Portugal                                Hungary  
United Arab Emirates         Norway                                Latvia
Slovakia                              Norway                                Greece
Singapore                            Bosnia & Herzegovina         Iraq

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Greetings from Ocean City, NJ!

Chia Pet head
Despicable Me 2
Hi everyone! I'm back from the beach. Just thought i would post a few pictures. The weather wasn't cooperative at times, but i had a great time with the family. As for me... my pain and nausea are pretty much gone, but i'm still waiting on the energy and fatigue to improve. My hair is starting to come in... my sister said i look like a Chia Pet :o).

Daddy's birthday
Natalie & the boys
One of our good beach days :o)

lots of love...
little lisa lollipop

Daddy's birthday cake

Monday, July 8, 2013


I don't know what it is... I'm 38 years old, and i still call my father, 'daddy.'
When I lived in Mexico, I learned the word for daddy is papi. However, the women
will use it universally... calling their little boys papi, calling their dads papi, calling their men/husbands papi, and then, of course, there's the oooooh papi. No translation needed. Anyhows, upon returning from Mexico, I thought it would be cute to start calling my daddy papi instead.

Papi's birthday...circa 2004
Fast forward some years later... my parents and i went on a trip to the Dominican Republic. At the resort they have entertainment staff to encourage participation in events. So my papi and i decided to join the ping-pong competition. We put our names on the list... Lisa and my dad proudly said, "Papi."

The ping-pong games later began, and they called all the names including myself and Papi. Papi got to go first, so I hung back to watch and chatted with the worker. And that is when it happened... he was talking to me as if my father and i were lovers!!! And from that moment on,  I'm back to calling him daddy.

Well Papi or daddy is the smartest man i know. In fact, if i don't know something, my two thoughts are either google it or ask daddy. Happy Birthday, daddy. I love you to pieces.

lots of love... little lisa lollipop

P.S. Sorry i haven't been posting, I'm down the shore for some R&R. My internet access has also been limited. Happy belated Fourth of July!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Ring that bell!

Hi Lolly friends!

This past Thursday I completed my proton radiation treatments. Yay! So you know what that means... i got to finally ring the crap out of that ship bell :o) And it was AMAZING :o).
Ringing the bell

Wearing the bell

Glad it's over, but I'll miss the team of people who took great care of me during my proton radiation. xoxo                                              

As for me... well lately I've had more nausea/vomiting and fatigue. And now that the cumulative dose of radiation is "inside my belly," it may get worse before it gets better. With having side effects though, at least I know that the radiation is working.

At night we celebrated at the Mann Music Center and saw Pixar in the Park. It was great, but the fireworks go cancelled because of the rain :o(.

Next step is repeat scans on August 6th... we need to wait for all the swelling from the radiation to
resolve beforehand. And then... we'll go from there. So please keep the prayers coming. In the meantime... let's hope the bell steers me in the right direction. Fingers crossed.

lots of love...
little lisa lollipop